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Daniel resorts to desperate measures after offering Nicky a 'proper relationship' in Corrie

But will he get his happy ending?

Neither Adam nor Kirk are convinced when Daniel tells then that Nicky is just a friend.

Daniel is pleased when Nicky turns up at his flat with sandwiches for their lunch and tells him that there’s a job going at her aunt’s B&B in Lytham if she could only clear her enormous debts.

Thanking Daniel for helping her to dream again, Nicky leans in closer will Daniel be able to resist?

As he bids farewell to a smitten Nicky at the tram stop, Daniel is stopped by Kirk who reveals that Beth is inconsolable with worry about Bertie. Daniel then promises Kirk that he has no intention of replacing Sinead with a meaningless sex worker.

After hearing that Daniel slept with Nicky, Adam is horrified and advises him to steer clear of her. But he refuses to listen and instead asks Nicky if they can have a proper relationship, suggesting he could help her quit escorting.

Adam is not convinced by Daniel's plan to rescue Nicky from a life of vice and when Geoff call in to Adam's office asking for info on Yasmeen's case, Daniel berates him for using vulnerable sex workers. As Geoff storms out, he leaves behind an envelope and Daniel reiterates his contempt for him.

When Geoff returns to Adam’s office, looking once again for his missing envelope of money, Adam's perturbed to hear that Daniel’s already searched for it and is suspicious.

When Daniel visits her in hospital, Nicky tells him that she's on the mend and plans to return to work. But when he places Geoff's envelope of cash in front of her, she's stunned.

But will she accept?

Accosting Alya in the street, Geoff accuses her of stealing his cash whilst a guilt-ridden Daniel and a suspicious Adam look on.

When Adam tackles him about Geoff’s missing money, Daniel denies all knowledge and Adam has no choice but to take his word for it, but warns against crossing Geoff.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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