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Daniel warns Justin to stay away from Daisy in Corrie

But will he listen?

At No.1, Daisy tells Daniel and Christina how she intends to drum up some freebies for the wedding through her social marketing. But when Daniel, at Daisy's request, calls at Preston’s Petals asking if they'll provide the wedding flowers free of charge, Tracy is seriously unimpressed. As is Christina, when Daisy shows her a photo of the freebie wedding dress she’s managed to bag herself.

When Daisy receives several messages on her phone from Justin asking why she blocked him, she's clearly worried and deletes them. Confiding in Glenda, Daisy tells her that Justin is proving to be a pest and she's advised to tell Daniel. And Glenda tells Christina and Jenny that Daisy’s being bombarded with messages from Justin.

When Daniel tells her that he can’t make the wedding fair, Daisy is disappointed and at the wedding fair, Daisy posts a selfie, unaware that there’s a poster in the background.

When she tries on a wedding dress, the owner of the stall tells Daisy that her fiancé has arrived. But it actually turns out to be Justin who saw her selfie online. Freaked out, Daisy realises that he thinks they're engaged and threatens to call the police.

Later, in the Rovers, as Daisy describes her ordeal to Daniel, Glenda emerges with a funeral arrangement of flowers for her and Daisy assumes they're from Justin.

Meanwhile, after perusing the wedding stalls at the wedding fair, Gemma and Chesney tell Jenny they’d like to book their wedding reception on 8th May. When Jenny reveals that Daniel and Daisy are getting married that day too, Gemma points out to Chesney that it will save them money with so few guests.

Heading home, Daisy and Daniel come face to face with Justin who jumps in his delivery van and roars off.

Spotting Justin on the street, Daniel warns him to stay away from Daisy. And Justin tells Daisy that he's prepared to back off to give her time to break the news to Daniel that she doesn’t love him anymore.

Later, Daisy is thrilled to receive a sample wedding invitation and immediately takes a selfie to post on her socials.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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