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Darcy Grey joins Emmerdale as the son of Rhona's violent ex-husband

Rhona's life is turned upside down when Marcus Dean, the son of her violent ex-husband Pierce Harris arrives in the village on Thursday 3rd February.

With Rhona finally getting on with her life, following the trauma of her ill-fated relationship with Pierce, Marcus’s arrival will come as a huge shock. How will she react when she comes face to face with him?

Newcomer Darcy Grey will take on the role of Marcus Dean, who has his father’s brooding good looks. But do the similarities end there? What kind of childhood did Marcus have? And has his upbringing affected how he lives his life now?

The mention of Pierce, who is still serving time in prison for raping Rhona, is certain to bring back anxiety and trauma for Rhona, and she will have to dig deep to overcome the terrible experiences of her past, so can she allow Marcus into her life?

Is Rhona opening herself up to more pain which could ultimately destroy her relationship with Marlon?

Speaking about joining Emmerdale, Darcy Grey said "When my agent sent me the character of Marcus Dean, I was quietly smiling inside. We share so many similarities, both the good - and perhaps - some of the bad! I thought "I know who this kid is". To then get the call to say that the role was mine was one of those pinch-yourself moments we actors simply dream of."

"For Marcus, the battle of being torn between wanting to forget his relationship with his Dad but also ultimately, wanting to simply be loved is a challenge many of us face, and one that I hope I can bring some truth to. He is such an open book, with such an uncertain future that I just can't wait for you all to see where his journey in the village takes him!"

To which Emmerdale's Series Producer, Kate Brooks added "Marcus' arrival will certainly ruffle a few feathers and flutter a few hearts in the village. However, people will soon realise there's more to Marcus than merely being the son of Pierce. But will our villagers give him a chance, or will he be forever doomed to live in the shadow of his father's heinous crimes?"

"We're delighted to welcome Darcy to the show and we're sure he'll certainly make quite the impression on villagers and viewers alike."

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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