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Darren continues to confide in Kyle in Hollyoaks over his depression

But at what cost to Kyle's relationship with Nancy?

Whilst Nancy worries about Kyle, he worries about Darren, having not heard from him. Having ditched her with her parents, Kyle has some making up to do and promises to take Nancy for lunch.

Kyle is relieved to find Darren at home with Mandy but after confiding in Kyle that he couldn’t bring himself to call a therapist, it's clear that he's not OK.

Deciding to invite both Darren and Mandy to lunch, Nancy is less than pleased, but all Kyle is trying to do is keep Darren busy to try and keep the darkness away.

Despite wanting to tell Mandy the truth, Kyle tells Darren that he doesn't think she'd understand. But as the two whisper, Nancy and Mandy are curious about what Kyle and Darren were whispering about.

When Jack finds Kyle asleep on the sofa, he urges him to make it up to Nancy. Deciding to make a romantic gesture, it's clear that Kyle wouldn’t be able to cope without Nancy.


Hollyoaks continues Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st April at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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