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Darren held captive in Hollyoaks

But is Nancy the one in real danger?

There are troubling scenes at the start of the week as a flashforward teases danger for Darren when he wakes up in strange surroundings. We uncover, throughout the episode, some of the events that led him there.

Preparing for her co-deputy head interview, Nancy leaves Darren in charge of cleaning the house whilst she’s out. However, a simple task of taking out the bins results in panic as Darren finds a pregnancy test and assumes that it belongs to Ella.

Following an argument with Nancy, Darren turns to his friends for advice and Luke suggests a gift, giving him the name of a jeweller in town.

It’s unclear what Darren’s fate is as his captor tells him that he has seen too much and warns that the real danger is with his partner.

Meanwhile, Darren’s whereabouts divide Nancy’s household as Jack seems to be the only one worried. Nancy agrees to help search for him, but Luke rattles her as he struggles to recall their conversation about jewellery and suggests that Darren might be having another affair.

Calling off the search, Nancy fears that Luke’s suspicions were correct as she comes home to a handwritten note from Darren. And she puts her co-deputy head position at risk as she’s torn between whether to tell the kids about Darren.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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