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David brings up Daniel's past in Corrie as Max tests his teacher's patience

Can Daisy make Daniel see sense?

When Daniel offers to give Summer some pointers with her Oxford Uni application form she’s delighted. But when she asks if he could give her some extra tuition for the entrance exam, he feels obliged to turn her down.

But later, he relents and offers to help Summer with her uni application.

After David queries Max on his lack homework, he makes out to his dad that they give him less because of his ADHD. Checking out his story with Daniel, David is narked after Daniel remarks it's a pity Max doesn’t use his brain for his school rather than making a mug of his dad.

But when he sees Daniel letting Summer in for her tutorial, David strides over with Max and tears a strip off Daniel for favouritism.

As David complains about Daniel’s favouritism towards Summer, Max listens with interest as David suggests that given his history with Bethany, he probably fancies her!

In school, Max makes a dig at Daniel, likening his relationship with Bethany to that of Romeo and Juliet and when Daniel's wallet later goes missing from his jacket pocket, he’s quick to suspect Max.

Back on the street, Daniel orders Max to empty his pockets and as Daniel makes a grab for his jacket, David storms over wanting to know what’s going on and Daniel angrily informs him that Max stole his wallet.

In a bid to prove his innocence, Max empties the contents of his school bag onto the pavement and David warns Daniel he’s not heard the end of this. Shona however, criticises David for blindly defending Max.

Having witnessed the row, Daisy tries to calm Daniel down, warning him that he’s risking his career with no proof of Max’s guilt.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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