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David kidnaps Amba in Emmerdale after Priya accepts job in London

Can Leyla help him see sense?

When a veil catches alight from candles at Take A Vow's event, Priya becomes helpless with fear, but luckily a quick-thinking Leyla salvages the situation but fails to see how traumatising this is for Priya.

Fraught, Jai searches for Priya and understanding Priya’s past trauma Manpreet agrees to help.

Back at the salon, Leyla is left shaken when a client, Justin, offers her a job with his London team. And at Holdgate, Manpreet and Jai try to comfort a distraught Priya as she relives her trauma.

The next day, Leyla and Suzy are both shocked when Priya turns up. Aware she needs to make a decision about the job, a tentative Leyla talks to Jacob about her offer. Acting cool, Jacob pretends he doesn’t care and slams the door in her face.

Bumping into Justin outside the HOP, Priya decides to own what happened yesterday, explaining her past trauma. Impressed, he invites her for a coffee,

When Priya accepts the job offer over the phone, Leyla’s face suddenly drops, leaving her stunned when Priya reveals she’s been offered the job with Justin’s company. Defending herself, Leyla explains that she didn’t even know Justin had offered Leyla the job and Leyla accuses Priya of sabotage.

Unhappy about Priya’s plan to move away for the new job with Amba, David is determined to take control and Priya’s world falls apart as she comes to the conclusion David has kidnapped Amba!

Desperate to fix this, Jacob and Pollard try to convince Priya not to call the police and Leyla is thrown when she learns David has disappeared with Amba and Theo and is on a mission to help.

At the unknown cottage, a defensive David is surprised to find Leyla at the door and refuses to see sense. And when Leyla accuses him of running away from his problems, David is past the point of no return as he locks Leyla in the bathroom before she can call the police.

Back in the village, Priya makes a call to the police. And Rishi is crestfallen when he realises Priya never intended for him to come with her to London.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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