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David puts family first in Corrie as he teaches Daniel a lesson

But how long can Max get away with behaving badly?

When David reports Daniel to the school for assaulting Max, Daniel is summoned to a meeting with the deputy head where he apologises for grabbing Max’s jacket. However, Daniel refuses to withdraw his accusation about the stolen wallet.

Declaring that Daniel should be sacked, David tells the school that if they won't act, he will. And when Shona refuses to support him, the couple row.

Rather than throw away his career, Mrs Crawshaw advises Daniel to pacify David and later, he's horrified to hear that David has reported him to the police for assaulting Max.

Meanwhile, in the corner shop, a bank card Max tries to use is declined, leaving Dev suspicious and when he tells David, David plays it down, pretending that he loaned his card to Max. However, he later lets rip at Max and as Dec chats in the shop about Max, David and the bank card, Daniel's mind whirs.

When Daniel is suspended, Summer is gutted when he tells her that he can no longer tutor her and David wonders if he did right in protecting Max when his insolence prevails.

Later, after admitting to Shona that Max defied him and went out when grounded, David orders him home but is forced to conceal his rage in front of a passing Daniel. All the while, Max enjoys David’s impotence.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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