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David tries to get Leyla help after catching her taking coke in Emmerdale

Can she convince him not to tell Liam?

With David thinking that Leyla is not being there for Jacob before he heads away to uni, she flashes the cash to appease Jacob which infuriates David.

Later, Leyla regrets her coke-fueled generosity of offering to help cover Jacob’s uni accommodation.

Before long in the Take A Vow office, Leyla’s caught out when Kim and Vanessa bombard her with queries as Leyla flounders a furious Kim fires her as her wedding planner.

David is stunned when he catches flustered Leyla about to do a line of coke. As she tries to explain her way out of it, Leyla panics when an unimpressed David promises to tell Liam to get her the help she needs. And Leyla desperately pleads with him to not tell Liam about her drug addiction.

When Liam gets a message from David asking to meet, Leyla urgently tries to convince David she’s stopped doing the coke. Will David still tell Liam?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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