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Dawn and Gabby go into battle in Emmerdale for Home Farm job

Who will Kim end up giving the job to?

When Kim suggests she has an important meeting with a man called Darren about the stud farm project, Gabby is determined to rise to the challenge but makes an embarrassing mistake and is soon irritated when Dawn impresses Kim. And Kim encourages Dawn to be ambitious.

Meanwhile, Rhona’s stunned to hear Kim’s opening a stud farm furious at her deceit and Kim offers Dawn a job-share with Gabby which firmly puts Gabby’s nose out.

The next day, Dawn refuses Kim's offer. Blaming Will's interference, Kim scolds him for not pushing his daughter to reach her full potential.

Later, when Dawn approaches Kim with her concerns, she suggests finding a nanny to help and Dawn agrees to explore the options.

The next day, Dawn tells Rhona about her opportunity at Home Farm who is shocked by her lack of self-belief and bolsters Dawn to accept Kim’s position, reiterating how invaluable she’s been at the surgery.

Meanwhile, Gabby approaches Kim with her concerns about Dawn who suggests she and Gabby shadow her for a few months and the best will receive the job. The battle for the job at Home Farm begins.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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