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Dawn & Billy are determined to get Clemmie back in Emmerdale

But can Alex be trusted?

When Dawn can’t seem to get over losing Clemmie, Will is worried and suggests she call Social Services to check up on her, leaving Dawn determined to do just that.

And when Dawn reveals that Alex is Clemmie’s father, Billy is surprised. Knowing this means Alex was with Beth behind her back, Dawn’s furious at the betrayal.

The next day, Dawn’s tearful knowing Clemmie and Lucas need to be together and is shocked when Billy tells her he’s phoned Social Services to say they want custody of Clemmie.

Grateful for Billy’s change of heart, Dawn isn’t hopeful when Social Services make it clear they’ll need Alex’s consent to get custody of Clemmie. But when Billy is clear that they need to at least try, Dawn knows he's right.

The next day, Dawn and Billy meet Alex at the prison who's taken aback when he finds out they know about Clemmie. When Alex outright refuses to let her and Billy foster Clemmie, Dawn is upset.

However, Dawn is relieved when Billy blasts Alex for his decision, and he changes his mind. But as they notice his smug smile, they worry if Alex can be trusted.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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