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Dawn seeks help in Emmerdale to grow closer to Lucas

But has she changed her mind about custody?

After taking Harriet and Will's advice, Dawn asks the social worker for advice on the issues she’s been having with Lucas and is told to get in touch with Lucas' foster parent Carol to get some tips that will help her with the transition.

Having been left insecure about Lucas seeing his foster family again, Dawn is later crestfallen to see how well the foster parents seem to get on with Lucas and is no longer sure having custody is the best thing for them.

The next day, when Billy suggests to Dawn that she should reach out to Manpreet for some support, Dawn’s offended, suspecting that Billy thinks she’s going to relapse.

But after he emphasises how much of an awesome mum he thinks she is, she's heartened and continues to try and get closer to Lucas.


Emmerdale continues Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th April at 7pm on ITV


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