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Dean lies motionless following tense stand-off with George in EastEnders

With George on a suspended sentence, will he go to prison?

As the launch day for the Beales’ pie and mash shop arrives, Dean is furious to see ‘rapist’ written in graffiti across the window.

Certain that it’s down to Linda, he has a nasty confrontation with her and the Knights in front of a crowd where he states he can sue Linda for slander.

With Elaine and George worried that legal action could result in her losing the pub, Linda seeks advice from Jack and reluctantly goes to strike a truce with Dean. But her efforts to cool the situation fail and Ian and Cindy demand that Dean back down or their business will never take off.

Later, during a tense stand-off upstairs at The Vic, George lashes out at Dean, who falls down the stairs and lies motionless at the bottom.

In shock, Linda, George and Cindy rush to Dean and Cindy calls the ambulance, telling everyone she didn’t see what happened, making Ian furious that she’s covering for George.

At the hospital, Cindy agrees to tell the police the truth after her not to lie for George as she could end up back inside.

However, after discovering that George is on a suspended sentence and will go to prison Linda takes matters into her own hands.

Soon, Linda is horrified when Elaine makes it clear she wants her to say whatever it takes to get George off the hook. And as she struggles with the impact the past few days have had on her, what will Linda do?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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