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Debbie is desperate to sell her share of the bistro Corrie

But can Nick and Leanne come up with an offer she'll accept?

When Debbie tells Ronnie that she’s only had two offers on her hotels, he suggests she should sell her share of the bistro to avoid bankruptcy. Telling Nick of her plan, Debbie tells him that he has a week to make her an offer.

As they examine their finances, Nick and Leanne realise they can only make Debbie a low offer for her half of the bistro, which they doubt she’ll accept.

However, when Debbie admits to Ronnie that Nick and Leanne’s poxy offer is all that stands between her and bankruptcy, he offers to make a call on her behalf, leaving Debbie feeling intrigued.

Calling his broker mate, Ronnie asks him to hunt for a fair offer for Debbie’s half of the bistro. And when Debbie informs Nick that Ronnie’s broker reckons selling half a business is tricky, she encourages him and Leanne to consider selling their share too.

Meanwhile, in the school corridor, Hope announces that she’ll be doing a reading and signing autographs for £1 per head and later, in the café, she shows Sam a copy of the John Stape book, telling him it’s made her realise how much she has in common with her Dad.

And later, Leanne drops the bombshell on Nick that Harvey has agreed to see Sam in prison.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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