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Debbie rejects Nick and Leanne's offer for half the bistro in Corrie

But if they play along, could Nick and Leanne still get what they want?

When Nick and Leanne refuse to up their offer for half the bistro, Debbie feigns indifference and turns them away. She then sets up a conversation with Ronnie who pretends to be a potential buyer and ‘accidentally’ rings Leanne’s mobile.

As Leanne listens in, will she fall for the ruse? When she tells Nick about the phone call, he guesses it was a set-up on Debbie’s part. Playing into Debbie's hands, Leanne and Nick tell her that they overheard how keen Ronnie was to buy into the bistro so they have found a cheaper proposition in town.

In the Rovers, Ronnie’s amused by Jenny’s jealousy as she makes snide comments about Debbie.

When Nick admits to Leanne he’s concerned that she and Debbie will clash working together at the bistro, she's affronted by his implied sexism and insists women can be professional. But will Nick be proved right?

As Debbie and Leanne take the fish supplier to task for trying to pull a fast one, he departs with a flea in his ear and Nick reckons the women make a formidable team.

Meanwhile, after Toyah finds Imran asleep at his office desk, exhausted from working all hours on Kelly’s case by himself, she insists on taking him for lunch to give him a break.

Over lunch in the bistro, Imran bemoans the uphill battle he has defending Kelly solo, while Corey has a huge legal team behind him. And when Leanne tells Imran she’s firmly on Abi’s side, not Kelly’s, a stressed Imran erupts leaving Toyah shocked and concerned.

Annoyed she didn’t stick up for him with Leanne, Imran is curt with Toyah.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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