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Debbie tells Kevin about Abi's 'affair' in Corrie

But where does this bombshell leave Peter and Carla?

With Abi still struggling to to make amends with Kevin, her plans to help Jack backfire when she tells him to tackle the bullies giving him a hard time and he responds by attacking Hope.

When Kevin tells her that he doesn't trust her parenting, Abi goes into self-destruct mode, convinced she's blown it with Kevin and takes a bottle of whiskey into the Rovers yard.

Later, returning home to face the music, Abi is dumbstruck when Kevin suggests they should draw a line under the past and start again. But when a suspicious Debbie sees Abi meet up with Peter in the ginnel she demands to know what is going on.

When Jenny lets slip that Peter has been calming Abi, Carla's ears prick up and she hopes Abi got the message when Peter tells her that he's told Abi that he won't help her anymore.

Meeting with Abi again, Peter asks her not to reveal that she made a play for him as he wouldn't want Carla finding out. Hiding her guilt, Abi promises. After being cornered by Debbie, Peter’s furious after she orders him to stay well away from Abi, threatening to tell Carla he’s been on the prowl again.

Worried that Debbie will blab, Peter berates Abi for confiding in Debbie and resolves to come clean to Carla before anyone else can. Begging him not to, Abi worries that Kevin will find out. Abi's relieved when Peter admits he values having her to understand his addiction demons and for the sake of Abi's relationship with Kevin, promises to say nothing to Carla.

After telling Debbie and Kevin she is spending the day with Seb, Abi is reminded of a physio appointment she has and books a cab but is surprised to see Peter is her driver.

Having spotted them driving off together, Mary tells Debbie who is immediately suspicious and when Kevin arrives home, excited about booking a holiday cottage, Debbie decides to tell him that Abi’s having an affair. After finding out who with, Kevin reels and heads straight for the Rovers.

As Abi and Peter try to convince Carla and Kevin that there is nothing going on, Abi is forced to admit she did make a silly pass at Peter. Carla then accuses Peter of tiring of a normal relationship once she was back on an even keel so he went looking for the next damsel in distress!

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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