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Dee-Dee is stunned when Joel surprises her with a proposal in Corrie

What will her answer be?


After telling Dee-Dee that he has booked a table at the bistro tomorrow, so she can meet his parents, Joel heads off to visit Nathan to discuss his plea.

Bethany tells Craig about how Nathan used to abuse Ellie too and she can provide him with her address. Calling at Ellie’s lodgings, Craig is told by her flatmate that she’s moved out and she appeared frightened about something.

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee lets slip to Adam how Bobby stitched up Daniel by giving the police a false statement and Carla went along with it.

As The Barlows gather in the Rovers, Adam reveals that Bobby gave the police a false statement, causing Daniel to become a prime suspect in Lauren’s murder investigation. How will the family react?

When Dee-Dee admits to Joel that she’s nervous about meeting his parents, he warns her that they can be a bit stand-offish but will love her once they get to know her. Before long Joel’s parents Anthea and Gus, make their disapproval of Dee-Dee clear.

Calling in the bistro, Ed is introduced to Joel's parents by Dee-Dee and Anthea’s disdain is evident as she makes a patronising remark and Dee-Dee storms out.

When Joel calls at the corner shop flat, Dee-Dee is stunned and when he apologises for his Mum's behaviour, he drops to one knee and asks Dee-Dee to marry him. What will she say?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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