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DeMarcus and Vicky are crowned prom King & Queen in Hollyoaks after embarrassing knockback

Can Vicky get closure ahead of DeMarcus' move to America?

Scott is worried that Vicky going to prom with DeMarcus will only make things harder for her with his potential move to America.

Later, taking her friends' advice, Vicky is left red in the face when DeMarcus dodges her advances. And Scott isn't the only one left surprised when he announces that the winners of prom King and Queen are Vicky and DeMarcus.

Not wanting to continue pretending everything is OK, Vicky tells her classmates they can’t accept the crowns.

Knowing that his son is preparing to leave the village, Felix struggles and Mercedes tries to help support him. But later, when alone, Felix's emotions get the better of him.

Not believing last night gave her closure, Scott tells Vicky that if there are things still needing to be said between her and DeMarcus now is the chance.

And while Felix takes the opportunity to apologise to his son for leaving in the past and letting him know how proud he is of him, he also encourages DeMarcus to be true to himself.

Later, Mercedes is shocked to discover Felix with a bruised and bleeding face, but he refuses to tell her where the injuries have come from. At the garage when a new potential customer leaves, Mercedes quizzes her man once more but instead of gaining answers, Felix lashes out with a sharp tongue forcing Mercedes to walk out.

At the McQueens, Mercedes confronts Hunter who apologises, leaving Mercedes thinking it was him who caused the full extent of Felix’s injuries. Having the opportunity to explain, Hunter tells Mercedes what happened and how he only hit Felix once, when Prince backs his story Mercedes walks off, determined to get to the truth.

At the garage, knowing he needs to give Mercedes answers Felix says he and Warren had an altercation. When the local gangster is confronted by the McQueen, he goes along with his friends' lies.

After Warren sees Felix give money to a guy outside the garage, he tells his oldest friend he’ll only continue covering for him if he tells him where he really got the bruises. And Mercedes is determined to make sure everyone is aware of the injuries that she thinks Warren has inflicted on Felix.

Seeing Sharon on her way to a date with Warren, Mercedes stops her and warns her against him after the state he left Felix’s face in.

While preparing tea for his date with Sharon, Warren is shocked when she arrives early and starts shouting at him for what he did to Felix. When Sharon walks out, Warren's temper rises and catching up with Felix, has a heated conversation.

And when Mercedes sees Felix pushed up against the wall by Warren, she suspects the worse.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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