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DeMarcus spirals after receiving hateful messages in Hollyoaks

Can Felix get to the bottom of who's behind them?

Confiding in Verity about his recent spiking, Eric asks her to back his corner as she threatens to shut down The Love Boat. And things take a turn when she confronts him about the amount of time he spends with his online network, causing him to lash out.

When a fight brews between Mason and DeMarcus, Eric tries to force the need for revenge on Mason. But will the teen fall prey to Eric’s schemes again?

As DeMarcus continues to be on the receiving end of hateful messages, a worried Leah vows to put a stop to it. But when her efforts aren’t appreciated, DeMarcus makes a heartbreaking decision.

When anonymous messages to DeMarcus grow more vicious, Felix is determined to find out who is behind them. After asking Zoe to investigate, a phone number search brings about a shocking suspect and Joseph’s mum is brought in for questioning.

Struggling to get through to DeMarcus himself, Felix turns to his friends as a last resort. But will DeMarcus be willing to confide in them?

Meanwhile, as Mason tries to find someone to help him with his magic videos, a photo of Charlie, Ella and Leah hanging out leaves him deflated. Will his loneliness lead him to lash out?

When Felix confides in Scott about DeMarcus’ mental health, Scott is convinced that Vicky may be able to help and later convinces DeMarcus to meet her. And she comes up with a smashing idea to release some pent-up anger.

Later, a shocking confession from Vicky reveals that DeMarcus isn’t the only one getting messages from Joseph’s mum, Gill.

As Felix convinces Scott that they should take matters into their own hands, they arrange to meet Gill in person. But they’re shocked to find that her truth leaves them with more questions.

Elsewhere, as Mason turns to old habits to vent his frustrations, his strong opinions create a divide between him and his friends as he berates them for giving DeMarcus their pity.

Feeling dismissed, Mason turns to Eric for guidance and a shocking revelation reveals the brutal way that he’s choosing to deal with his anger.

After letting out his emotions, DeMarcus seems back on top form. Not convinced, Felix arranges an appointment with a therapist. But will they be able to work out their issues?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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