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Denise and Ravi get close in EastEnders as Jack forgets Valentine's Day

But who is it Denise really wants?

Intent on coming through for his family, Jack arranges a family lunch at Walford East. After a bumpy start when Sam arrives, after being invited by Ricky, the family start to enjoy each other’s company.

But Jack is incensed to learn that Nugget is responsible for the bullying Ricky and Lily are facing at school, and a blazing row breaks out between him and Ravi.

Back at No.27, the row continues between Denise and Jack, before she storms out and heads to Walford East to apologise to Ravi. As sparks fly between the pair, they get close.

Jack and Denise's relationship woes worsen when he fails to remember that it’s Valentine’s Day. Spotting her dad's mishap, Amy springs into action and arranges a romantic evening for them.

Following the events from the night before, Ravi interrupts Denise who's getting ready at No.27 to express his growing desire for her.

Trying hard to fight against her lust for him, Denise is left heartbroken when she overhears Jack telling Sam that Amy is responsible for arranging their Valentine’s Day date, not him.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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