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Denise discovers Sheree's plan to permanently leave Walford with Isaac in EastEnders

Who will Patrick side with?

When Sheree encourages him to look after himself and not Lola - who is overwhelmed with the aftermath of the fire - Isaac takes this as a sign to ask Lola and Lexi to move in with him. But when Lexi breaks the news to Ben that they are moving in with Isaac, he later warns Isaac that Lexi will not be living with him.

At the Trueman’s, Isaac receives Patrick's blessing about Lola moving in, but Sheree pulls Patrick aside reminding him that they need to tell Isaac about Trinidad as she doesn’t want him in Walford.

When Isaac interrupts Sheree - who's on a secret phone call - to tell her that he's ready to find a job she has no choice but to tell him about her plans for him to go to Trinidad for a few weeks. But Isaac refuses to leave.

Meanwhile, at Walford Primary, the headteacher makes it clear to Denise she can’t wait to have Isaac back, as she has told Sheree.

As Sheree meets with an estate agent to try and sell the house, she finally admits that her plans to go to Trinidad are permanent and Denise watches on, shocked.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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