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Denise goes missing in EastEnders as Lucas finally snaps

Could history be about to repeat itself?

Denise and Patrick are left feeling suspicious when Chelsea mentions her holiday and Lucas questions Chelsea about their trip. After persuading her to visit church with him, things take a turn when he’s interrupted by her phone ringing. And Chelsea's plan begins to crumble when Lucas refuses to go away.

After pushing her daughter on who she's going away with, the penny finally drops for Denise as she realises it's Lucas. Storming over to him, Denise accuses Lucas of manipulating Chelsea. Realising that Denise has no idea it’s all their daughter’s idea, Lucas reminds Denise that he can’t actually leave the country.

But Chelsea steps in, assuring him the paperwork is sorted. When Lucas suggests she take Denise instead, Chelsea refuses leaving Denise heartbroken.

Later, when Chelsea waits with the taxi, Lucas refuses to leave. Hearing the commotion, Denise assumes Lucas has let her daughter down yet again and confronts him. Despite Lucas trying to explain, Denise hurls a tirade of her hurt and anger towards him until Lucas finally snaps.

As Chelsea and Jack look for Denise, Vinny interrupts them - he thinks something has happened at the flat as he's seen blood. As they rush over, they find the place in a complete state and Denise and Lucas nowhere to be found.

Terrified, Jack's turns his anger on Chelsea as she’s the one that brought Lucas back to Walford and is frustrated that he’s not allowed to join the search. And Isaac offers to call Callum to see if there’s anything he can do to help.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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