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Denise is horrified when Chelsea and Ravi announce that they're moving in together in EastEnders

Stealing Ravi's laptop, what will Denise find?

During a successful chat with the fostering service, Whitney is told that she and Zack need their own place before they can apply.

As Chelsea struggles with the news they’ll be moving out, she opens up to Denise about Whitney's impending departure and is invited to move back in with Denise and Jack. But Ravi arrives and suggests that he and Nugget could move in with her instead.

With Chelsea unsure, Ravi is determined to take the next step and during a heart-to-heart with Whit, Chelsea admits she's not sure she's ready to move in with Ravi. But her friend encourages her to take a leap of faith.

But when Chelsea and Ravi announce they are moving in together, Denise is horrified and warns Ravi that her daughter will see through him.

Trying to restore peace, Chelsea invites her and Ravi's families to drinks at No.1 and Jack encourages Denise to support Chelsea and keep enemy Ravi close.

However, after overhearing Gina and Anna rowing about Ravi dealing drugs, Denise is desperate to go to the police.

As they head to the party, Jack urges caution. But with the air thick with tension, things go from bad to worse as a row breaks out, leading Chelsea to throw accusations at Denise, who storms out having secretly taken Ravi's laptop.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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