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Denise worries about Phil's next move in EastEnders

Will Sharon get to the bottom of what Phil's planning?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

As Phil tells Sharon his PI has had no luck finding Jada, he hides his guilt over being responsible for her leaving in the first place.

After Zack suggests he and Martin deck Sharon’s house out in Christmas decorations, things turn sour when much to Sharon's horror, they break Denny’s angel! As he drowns his guilt at The Vic, Zack admits to Nancy that it was his fault that Jada is gone.

Meanwhile, Martin fixes the angel and Sharon calms down noticing the effort they put in and later, Nancy accidentally reveals to Martin that Zack warned Jada off. Confronting him, Martin threatens to tell Sharon everything.

And when Sharon invites Kat and Phil to her Christmas party, Kat declines. However, when Phil makes a surprise appearance and gets a message from his PI. What will they have to say?

As Phil and Sharon discuss Jada, Kat walks in and finally fed up, tells them to leave the girl alone.

At Walford East, Phil is angry about the way Kat spoke to Sharon and invites her to Christmas with the Slaters. But when Sharon shows up at the Slaters for Christmas lunch, everyone's baffled as Phil didn’t tell anyone.

At the Slaters, Kat gets progressively more annoyed as Sharon and Phil reminisce, until they realise the kids are missing. And when Stacey looks out the window, she is shocked by what she sees.

Later, Eve helps Stacey to get a job interview as the new market inspector and Stacey and Martin are both shocked when they realise that they're both going for the same job.

As Stacey is grilled at her interview, she realises Eve has added some embellishments to her CV and when Ash has some choice words for Eve and Stacey, Suki is impressed. Unluckily for Stacey, the job interviewer has seen the whole thing and swiftly leaves.

And later as Suki and Ash have a drink together at The Vic, a comment from Eve has her speaking before she thinks, leaving Ash devastated.

Phil is frustrated as Denise has said he can’t see Raymond until after New Year and after Kat asks for a favour, Phil is delighted to be spending time with Raymond.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Phil is out of earshot.

Inviting them to the Albert later, Sharon realises Kat is hiding something and after questioning her, Kat admits the truth. Overhearing, Phil confronts Denise who has a warning for him.

Whilst Kat panics, Sharon knows Phil is up to something and Denise worries about Phil retaliating.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays plus Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day on BBC One


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