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Denzel asks Amy to be exclusive in EastEnders

How will Lily, Nugget and Tommy react when they find out?

Amy and Denzel have bunked off of school to be together and are mortified when Chelsea catches them. Amy pleads for Chelsea not to tell Jack, who has arrived home early. As Chelsea covers for Amy, Denzel makes a secret exit, but Jack is quick to spot something is awry.

Arriving home, Denzel is quizzed by Patrick who pushes him to admit that he has feelings for someone. Patrick gives him the idea to get Amy a gift.

Deciding on a phone case with a personal touch, Denzel uses it as an opportunity to tell Amy he’d like to be exclusive. However, the pair are interrupted by Nugget, Lily and Tommy who mock Amy when she reveals she is with Denzel, leaving them both hurt and embarrassed.

With Amy and Denzel both feeling the pressure from their friends about Denzel’s gift and its meaning, Nugget and Lily continue to mock them.

Meanwhile, as he starts his first day as a postman, Howie delivers bills to an anxious Chelsea who feels she can’t ask Denise for help with money.

And when Chelsea admits to using Jack and Denise’s washing machine because she can’t afford to fix her broken one, a concerned Jack offers her some money.

Later, he tells her that he can't give her any more money and when Denise arrives, he suggests that Chelsea rent the rooms in her home. Leaving Denise irked by their closeness.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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