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Detectorists returning to the BBC for a one-off special

After a five year absence, Detectorists will return later this year for a one-off 75-minute special.

Detectorists, written and directed by Mackenzie Crook, launched in October 2014 on BBC Four and to date, there have been three series and a Christmas special.

It follows the travails of two metal detecting hobbyists, Lance and Andy, played by Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones, as they negotiate the beautiful gentle rhythms of the English countryside.

This longer special will bring viewers up to date with the lives of Andy, Lance, Becky and the Danebury Metal Detecting Club.

Speaking about returning to Detectorists, director, writer and star of the show Mackenzie Crook said "It was 2017 when we were last in Danebury and I miss my old friends in the DMDC. I’ve had a story percolating for a while and I thought it was worth getting Lance, Andy and the rest of the band back together for."

"The affection expressed for Detectorists over the years has been incredible and I hope fans of the show will enjoy this new, extended episode."

To which producer Gill Isles added "It’s absolutely thrilling to be spending the summer back in Danebury with Mackenzie and the team. There is so much love for the show that I can't wait for everyone to see what Mackenzie has in store in this next chapter."

Detectorists is a Treasure Trove Productions, Channel X North and Lola TV production. It will be directed by Mackenzie Crook, produced by Gill Isles with Mackenzie Crook and Lisa Thomas as Executive Producers for Treasure Trove / Lola TV and Alan Marke and Jim Reid for Channel X North.

Detectorists will return later this year on the BBC


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