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Dev catches Aadi and Courtney sharing a passionate kiss in Corrie

How will Darren react when Courtney declares their marriage over?

Having secured the Freshco deal, Darren books a meal to celebrate, suggesting Amy partners Aadi, and Darren and Dev are bemused after Amy and Aadi try to make excuses.

Later, when Dev refers to Aadi and Amy as a couple, Aadi’s quick to correct him and makes out he’s already seeing someone called Monica.

Meanwhile, Amy listens in as Darren confides in Dev that he and Courtney are having marriage problems and he suspects she’s having an affair.

With the celebratory lunch underway, Amy warns Aadi that Darren knows Courtney is playing away. And when Dev reveals that Aadi’s got a new girlfriend, Darren, Courtney and Amy are all ears as he describes her as beautiful, funny and intelligent.

With Dev and Darren distracted, Aadi follows Courtney out where they share a kiss and Dev is gobsmacked to find his son in a passionate clinch with the boss’ wife!

The following morning at breakfast, Dev and Asha wonder how long Courtney intends to stay. But when Courtney declares that she’s well rid of Darren and this is a chance for them to make a go of it, it's clear that Aadi is smitten.

In a bid to salvage the Freshco deal, Dev promises Darren he’ll have a word with Aadi and make him see sense. But will Aadi be prepared to listen?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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