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Diane's baby is stolen in Hollyoaks as Cher's drastic actions take their toll

But with all fingers pointing at Mercedes, who's really to blame?

When Cher tells him that she wants to remove her birthmark with bleach after receiving hateful comments online, Romeo is fearful and later tells Sylver the truth.

At the park, emotions are high as Sylver confronts Cher, and she tells him that if he doesn’t help her, she’s going to have to go to extremes. In return for Sylver taking her for a consultation to have her birthmark removed, Cher deletes her social media accounts.

Also, Romeo tells Mercedes that he quits, as he can’t be there for his girlfriend, Cher when he’s preoccupied with Mercedes, they talk about their one night of passion, not knowing that Goldie is in the room.

When Goldie confronts Mercedes over her fling with Romeo, she tells her that if she doesn’t tell Sylver the truth, she will. As Mercedes goes to her first scan, she discovers the devastating news that she’s not pregnant.

After she tells Goldie and Cher what’s happened, Mercedes turns to alcohol to cope with the heart-breaking news. But when Sylver arrives to take Cher to her consultation, she pretends not to know anything and when Sylver finally finds out what’s happened, he shouts at Cher for not telling him sooner, which leads to Cher to do something drastic.

Later, Romeo is shocked to discover that Cher tried to remove her birthmark. In pain, Cher refuses to go to hospital and Peri later gives Cher some stolen prescription painkillers. Opening up to Peri, Cher tells her that she's always jealous when Mercedes gets attention from her dad and Peri tells her it's never too late to make things right.

Meanwhile, as Tony sneaks out for a walk, Diane’s water breaks and when Tony arrives home to take her to the hospital, she refuses to open the door, forcing him to break the door down. It's emotional when Tony pleads with her to go to the hospital, as she refuses to leave the house and later, the couple welcome their new born baby, Eva.

Wanting to leave the hospital immediately, Diane tells Tony not to let anyone touch Eva, forcing Tony into admitting to Scott that Diane's not doing well, and he's not leaving the hospital until she gets help.

Diane worries when Tony leaves Eva alone with Scott and Tony questions her on whether she’s struggling with her mental health.

Having been reckless throughout the day, a drunken Mercedes accuses Sylver of not being bothered and shouts at Tony, accuses him of flaunting his new-born baby.

When Cher arrives, hoping to make things right with Mercedes, she snaps at her and tells her that she’s a self-serving cow and she only puts up with her because of Sylver. Later, Cher steals baby Eva from her pram!

As the search begins for baby Eva, Tony frantically searches the village as Goldie overhears what's happened and DS Cohen is quickly on the case, as Tony snaps at Scott, who was looking after Eva.

And when Tony tells Diane that Eva was taken from her pram, the new parents are heartbroken, and she blames Tony for taking her out, who promises to her that he’s going to find her.

Cher meanwhile, places Eva next to a sleeping Mercedes and Goldie finds Sylver, and tells him that she has a feeling Mercedes has something to do with baby Eva's disappearance.

As Peri goes to find Cher, to put some bandages on her scar, she instead is shocked to find Mercedes with baby Eva. How will Mercedes explain this?

Concerned, Romeo tells Sylver that Cher is obsessing over her social medias again, and that she did some serious damage because of the comments. Furious, Sylver confronts her, accusing her of loving drama and Romeo gives Cher an ultimatum.

Later, Diane tells Tony that she doesn’t want Scott to live with them anymore and it's left to an emotional Tony to break the news to Scott that he needs to keep his distance. Scott agrees to move out but worries that Tony is enabling Diane’s behaviour.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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