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Donna-Marie blackmails James in Hollyoaks after kiss with John Paul

Can he convince Juliet to speak to her mother again?

After finding out that her daughter, Juliet, filed a non-molestation order against her, Donna-Marie is feeling hurt.

When Peri and Juliet discover that their room has been broken into, and a picture of Donna-Marie, Juliet and Romeo has been stolen, Juliet is sure that it’s her mum so James helps them set her up.

Meanwhile, after a stolen kiss, John Paul admits to James that he’s not ready to move on. And as Ste battles with his feelings for James, he decides that he’d like to fix their relationship.

Later, whilst lurking behind the bins, Donna-Marie overhears James asking John Paul to keep their kiss from Ste.

Desperate to win over Juliet, Donna-Marie shows up at James’ flat and reveals that she knows about his kiss with John Paul. In exchange for her silence, she asks James to get the non-molestation order removed. But what will he do?

Later, Juliet reluctantly meets with her mum, and they have a heated discussion.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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