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Dotty reveals that Rocky is hiding a BIG SECRET in EastEnders

Is he really her father?

As Dotty's living situation remains uncertain, Kathy blames her for a mess Bobby has made, which leads her to want to leave.

When Bernie reminds her that grandma Dot owns Sonia's house, Dotty finds the courage to ask Sonia about living there, but she declines and pushes Rocky to fight for Dotty. With Kathy's blessing, Rocky persuades Dotty to stay.

However, the situation with Dotty at Kathy's remains strained and things get worse when she implies in front of Kathy, that Rocky is hiding something. Overhearing Rocky telling Kathy about a lady he was engaged to and walked out on, Dotty considers telling him the truth. But loses her nerve.

Later, things get heated when Ash confronts Dotty about what she's done to Vinny and as Rocky and Vinny break things up, a riled-up Vinny loses his temper and tells Rocky that he is Dotty’s real father, leaving him stunned.

The next morning, it's awkward at the Taylor’s as Felix and Finlay see Dotty has stayed the night and Rocky tries to contact Dotty.

After Bernie encourages Dotty to face Rocky, tensions rise at Kathy's as Dotty and Bobby clash and Kathy is upset about the opening of Walford East as it was Ian’s dream.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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