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Dotty's mum makes drunken arrival in EastEnders

Is she about to blow Dotty and Rocky's cover?

Stressed about her relaunch event at Ruby’s, Dotty needs a DJ and Rocky reassures her he has a plan to get money and asks Vinny to DJ, but he says no.

However, after Sonia chases up Dotty for bill payment, Vinny takes pity and helps out after all but makes it clear that nothing has changed between them.

Having scored VIP invites for himself and Sonia to Dotty’s noughties event at the club, Rocky reminds her that she should be trying to impress Sonia.

When a drunk woman appears, things take a turn as Rocky’s face drops at the sight her and Sonia outside, finds the woman, who asks after Kirsty and the penny drops.

She interrupts Dotty and the drunk woman reveals herself, it’s Dotty’s mum Sandy who hurls abuse at her daughter. But when Dotty invites Sandy for a chat later, Rocky insists that she’ll blow their cover.

Meanwhile, Keegan and Bernie ask Rainie to do a drug test but she panics, telling them she took a sleeping tablet the night before.

As Rainie runs into Sandy in a rough state, Bernie watches what looks like a drug deal going down, from afar.

Worried that Rainie is using again, Bernie tells her mum and Raini later does a drug test.

Returning home to a distraught Whitney, Dotty immediately blames Sandy after Whitney tells her that she's lost her engagement ring.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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