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Dramatic scenes in Hollyoaks as Sid double crosses Victor and Luke gives up on Ollie

Is this the end of the county lines storyline? And will Juliet be freed?

Refusing to let Sid carry on working with Victor, Ste asks James for money to buy him out. However, James and Sid make a more dangerous plan.

Determined to free Juliet, they want to record Victor's confession. Despite Ste thinking the plan is far too dangerous, Sid is determined to go ahead with it.

Dropping off some cash for him, Sid hits the jackpot when Victor tells him to wait in the car while he’s on the phone. As he shakily plants a listening device in the glove box, Sid is caught by Ollie looking for drugs!

With his patience wearing thin, Sid promises to give Ollie drugs later, if he leaves now. As Ollie agrees, Sid can’t believe his luck when he gets the confession he needs from Victor.

However, Victor later finds out that he’s been betrayed. And after downloading the rest of his video evidence onto a USB stick to give to the police, Sid is terrified when Victor smashes the Lomax’s front door in. But before he can get his hands on the teen, Peri comes home and frightens Victor off.

With Sid needing to get the evidence to the police, Ste acts as a decoy, allowing Sid to escape undetected. But when Sid’s held up by Luke in The Dog carpark, Victor closes in on him.

After seeing him with Sid, Luke refuses to let Ollie out of the house unaware that he's taking his addiction to a dangerous new level. When Luke and Darren find Ollie, rather than helping him, Luke can’t take anymore and throws Ollie out!

As the consequences of Ollie and Sid’s actions resonate around the village, Ollie wants more drugs. But when he gets a message from Luke asking him to come home so he can help him get clean, which path will he choose?

Disappointed to find half-dressed Ollie in James’ flat, Ste assumes they’ve slept together.

Later, after begging his dad for help, Ollie’s recent actions have crossed a line for Luke and he asks for Ollie’s house key back.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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