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Dylan is arrested for carrying a knife after being set up by Mason Corrie

But is he willing to tell all to clear his name?


When Gary and Maria take Liam for a milkshake in the café, Mason enters and Maria flies at him, whilst Gary has to restrain her.

Later, Mrs Crawshaw tells them she is gathering evidence to get Mason expelled and when Liam confides in Jake over seeing Mason picking on another boy at school, he reckons Liam should report him. However, Liam's adamant he doesn’t want to get involved. 

Under pressure, Liam admits to Gary and Maria that Mason threatened him with a knife and they take a terrified Liam to the police station.

Calling at No.11, Craig and another officer tell Sean, Eileen and Dylan that they have reason to believe they’re hiding a zombie knife that was used in an assault. But when the knife can't be found, Dylan insists he knows nothing about it and Mason orders him to get the knife and meet up with him in the ginnel.

As Dylan waits nervously, Craig approaches and finds the knife in his bag and arrests him, which is when Dylan realises that Mason set him up.

Joining Sean and Dylan in the interview room, Dee-Dee impresses upon a terrified Dylan that it’s time to stand up to Mason and tell the police everything he knows. What will he say? 

As Eileen and George ask questions, Sean is defensive of Dylan and after Dee-Dee tells him that he needs to think about his plea, Dylan bumps into Liam and apologises for bullying him. When Liam tells him he contemplated suicide, he's horrified.

Later, finding Dylan in Victoria Garden, Mason thanks him for taking the rap. But Dylan looks at him with contempt and tells him that he told the police about the hit and run too. How will Mason react?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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