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Dylan prepares to go back to London after he and Liam go missing ahead of court case in Corrie

Will Violet have a change of heart and let him stay?


As Liam gets ready for court, Gary and Maria do their best to bolster his confidence. With his rucksack on his back, Dylan scuttles out of the hotel and a worried Violet calls at No.11 to tell Sean that Dylan has gone missing.

In the Bistro, whilst a nervous Liam picks at his breakfast, Sean and Violet hurry in to reveal that Dylan’s missing. As Gary offers to help find him, Liam heads home and unbeknown to him, someone watches from across the street.

Dragging Liam into the ginnel, Dylan tells him about Mason’s threats and suggests they do a runner to avoid going to court.

Having discovered that Liam’s not at home, Gary and Maria tell Sean and Violet that Liam’s gone missing too. Will Liam and Dylan show up for court?

Later on in the week, Sean begs Violet to reconsider and let Dylan remain in Weatherfield, but she won’t be swayed and as Dylan leaves for London, he and Sean exchange an emotional goodbye.

Heading towards the tram station, Dylan admits to Violet that he doesn’t want to leave as he wants to put things right with the people he hurt. Will Violet have a change of heart? 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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