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EastEnders returns in September... Everything you need to know!

The soap will return to BBC One on Monday 7th September with four 20-minute episodes a week.

It's been two months since EastEnders was last on our screens and last time we visited the residents of Walford, Ian and Sharon had just taken the reins of The Queen Victoria from The Carters.

Like the rest of the UK the residents of Walford have been adjusting to a new way of life since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the nation but after what will have been three months off our screens, EastEnders will finally return on Monday 7th September with four shorter, 20-minute episodes a week.

However, with things returning to normal for the residents of Walford, that can only mean one thing... drama is set to follow.

A huge secret rocks a friendship, tragedy strikes for one family and trouble brews for the Carters. Plus there's new love in lockdown and Stacey Fowler returns to Walford!

Whilst Ian and Sharon were forced to close their doors, The Queen Vic is back open and although business is going well, things are not looking too good for Ian.

With Dotty holding the secret about Ian being responsible for the death of Denny, it’s not long before she decides that Sharon deserves to know the truth…

While everyone found lockdown difficult – no one has struggled more than Chantelle who has had to isolate with her abusive husband, Gray.

Determined to get away from her husband once and for all, Chantelle decides it’s time to put the wheels in motion and sets about meeting a divorce lawyer and planning her escape with her kids but will she be able to get away?

There’s been a whole lot of love in lockdown for Ruby and Martin, things couldn’t be better until money mysteriously starts disappearing from Ruby’s bank account.

Panicked about what to do, Ruby decides to take matters into her own hands with terrible consequences and to add insult to injury, it’s not long before Stacey makes her return to Walford.

The Carters are readjusting to life outside of The Queen Vic but just as it looks like they have solved one problem, it seems a new face in Walford is taking an interest in one member of the family.

As huge secrets between Mick and Linda from both sides cause a rift in their relationship, will they be honest with one another or let their lies destroy them?

Trouble for the Mitchell’s is never far away but now with Callum’s new job in the force, things are set to get a whole lot trickier for the loved up duo.

Torn between his role in the police, Ben and the Mitchell’s – Callum finds himself in hot water.

And a shocking accident causes Denise’s past to catch up with her which could have life-changing consequences for her and another Albert Square resident.

Speaking about the return of EastEnders, the show's Executive Producer Jon Sen said: “From the moment we turned the lights out in The Queen Vic our ambition was to come back with a bang and this autumn certainly does that."

"As soon as Albert Square reawakens the drama returns at a pace and, although working within social distancing guidelines has certainly given us some new challenges, I am incredibly proud of what everyone has achieved. The show is looking fantastic and we can’t wait for “series two” to begin…”

EastEnders returns Monday 7th September at 8pm on BBC One


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