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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Ben and Tubbs put pressure on Martin, Jay is reminded of his past + more

The following storylines will air 22nd, 23rd, 25th & 26th October on BBC One

Ben and Tubbs put pressure on Martin


Feeling the pressure to keep his work with Ben a secret, Martin confides in Kush who demands they confront Ben. With Ben not backing down, Martin comes up with a plan, but he's annoyed at Jack's response after speaking to him about a "friend". Suspicious, Jack asks Sonia questions, but she covers for Martin again.

After promising Bex that he'll spend more time with her, his plans for that afternoon are ruined when Ben demands he does another job. But that's not the end of it, when Tubbs is arrested, Martin persuades Ben to do the job with him, but with Jack watching on - what is Martin up to?

Thinking everything with Ben is over, Martin is left in terrible danger when Ben goes to extreme lengths to prove he’s not be messed with.

Jay is reminded of his past


Jay’s plans for a day out with Lexi and Lola are scuppered when he gets a new booking at work and him and Callum are both amazed at the scale of the funeral requested. However, Jay isn't prepared for whose funeral it is - Terry Bates, the man responsible for his father’s death.

Shocked to see how much Jay hates him, Callum laters asks Ben for help as Lola comforts Jay. And after hearing from Lola what's happened, Billy and Jay have an emotional heart-to-heart.

Leo gets closer to Whitney by bringing up Callum's past


After her stall is vandalised, Whitney is upset but Leo is quick to help before his first day working with Gray. However when Leo realises Callum might spoil his plan to get close to Whitney, he's annoyed.

Determined to put his plan into action and wanting to muddy Callum's name, Leo quizzes him in The Vic about his time in the army following a surprising discovery. When Whitney and Lola arrive, Leo insists he helps find the person who vandalised Whitney's stall.

Spotting a file on Leo's laptop with Callum’s name on, Whitney is curious and when curiosity gets the better of her, she's devastated at what she finds. Despite Callum warning him to stay away from Whitney, Leo isn’t perturbed at all and continues to charm Whitney.

Gray announces his and Chantelle's news


Chantelle revels in being back at work after Denise asks her to cover her at the salon, but how will Gray react when he spots her in there? And why has he chosen to now announce their news in front of everyone at The Vic?

Louise and Keanu contemplate leaving Walford


When Lisa reveals her plan for Louise and Keanu to move to Portugal, they're both stunned. With Keanu unsure about the move, Louise starts to warm to it and tries her best to convince him it's a good idea.

Telling him that they owe it to Mel who has been like a second mother to them. What they don't know, is that Lisa is overhearing their conversation and is gutted.



Jean receives a video message from Daniel, who urges Jean to seize the day and be more honest with everyone - advice which ends in disaster - Karen enlists Chantelle and Bernadette’s help to make it up to Bailey and Stuart starts working at Walford East.

Habiba enjoys telling Adam that Arshad knows everything whilst Honey urges Adam to sort out his behaviour after spotting how he behaves towards Mariam and Arshad. But when he buys them tickets to visit India, Arshad sees red. And when Billy notices that Honey is looking unwell, she does her best to brush off his concerns.


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