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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Bernadette's confused over her feelings for Tiff

But Tiff gets more than she bargained for when she tells Bernie she’ll practice chess with her.

Still feeling awkward about the kiss in the club, she tries her best to stay out of Tiffany’s way. but Tiffany pretends to be interested in playing chess to spend time with Bernadette.

When Tiffany tells Bernadette she knows she has been off with her because she fancies her, Bernadette feels humiliated and tells her to get out.

Admitting to Tiff that she’s confused by her feelings for her, Bernadette is surprised at how understanding and supportive Tiff is and the best friends are soon back on track.

These scenes will air Monday 25th at 9:10pm (55-minute episode) and Friday 29th June at 8pm and 9pm on BBC One


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