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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Bex leaves hospital, Karen makes a big decision about Bailey's future + more

The following storylines will air 7th - 11th October on BBC One

Bex leaves hospital - but is Martin sticking around?


Stunned to find Martin by Bex’s bedside, Sonia is oblivious to what happened with the Mitchells and gives him some home truths about not being there for Bex. Alone, Martin and Kush both agree it’s for the best if Martin leaves as he can’t risk being seen by Ben.

However with Bex ready to go home, Sonia begs him to stay and he guiltily returns to the Square with Bex where the two have a heart-to-heart and he agrees to stay.

Meanwhile, when Ben thinks he's being watched, he goes outside only to spot Martin from across the Square. As Martin pleads with Ben to let Stacey come home, Ben contemplates the idea before getting a threatening call from Jags who reveals he’s kidnapped Lola.

Panicked, Ben insists that if Martin were to help him get Lola back safely, he'll agree to wiping the slate clean and letting Stacey return. But when Ben goes back on his word, Martin fumes.

As Martin and Sonia support Bex during her meeting with a mental health nurse, Ben piles on the pressure for Martin and he's forced to confront him when Ben plays a nasty trick. With tensions reaching breaking point, Martin lashes out at Ben. But can he convince him to let Stacey come home?

Heartbreak for Jean


After spending the day together and growing even closer, Jean receives the devastating news that Daniel has died, Kush is concerned about her complacent reaction and talks to her, making her see how much Daniel meant to her.

Later at Daniel's memorial, Kush supports Jean as his neighbour Mike hosts the service.

Kathy's at risk of losing her licence


Desperate for cash, Rainie begs Kathy for a job in the café and Kathy agrees to give her a trial, despite Ian’s reluctance. But when things don't get off to the best of starts, Ian tells her she's lost her chance.

Turning to alcohol, Rainie quickly changes after finding a supportive note from Stuart but as she starts to crumble, Kathy arrives with Abi, assumes she's been drinking and tells her that she's lost her chance with Abi.

After Max asks her to watch Abi, Rainie sees a glimmer of hope but after an incident in the park, Rainie's gutted when Max takes Abi back home. Telling Kathy what happened, Max is taken aback to hear that Rainie is addicted to painkillers again.

With Max willing to give Rainie the benefit of the doubt, Kathy questions Callum about her progress. When Stuart gets wind of this, he warns her to back off if she wants to be part of Abi's life.

Later, Kathy's in for a shock when she's told by a police officer that she's at risk of losing her licence for The Prince Albert due to rising drug use. Wanting to believe Rainie has changed, Kathy decides to pay her a visit and test her. Not happy, Stuart storms over to the Beale’s to confront Kathy for what she did to Rainie.

Karen makes a big decision about Bailey's future


Karen is touched when Bailey says she wants her to become her legal guardian, however when she overhears Karen talking to Mitch, she's upset to learn how Karen knew her mum wanted to take her own life.

After agreeing to adopt Bailey, Karen is devastated when she confronts her about what really happened with Dinah. When Bailey goes missing, the Taylors rally round to find her and are relieved when Tiffany brings her to Gray and Chantelle’s.

Iqra outs Adams affair with Habiba


When Arshad talks to Mariam about her behaviour towards Iqra, he's stunned to discover that she was mugged. After telling Adam, Honey suggest hosting a dinner for her.

Whilst preparing the meal together, Habiba confronts Honey about Adam’s behaviour and tells her she deserves better. During the meal, Mariam apologises to Iqra and assures her she’s proud of her.

After planning a day out with Adam, Honey is left questioning his honest when he rushes off to work before returning with a surprise indoor romantic picnic. But is it enough to win her over?

And when Iqra grows fed up of Arshad praising Adam, she drops the bombshell that he cheated on Honey with Habiba.



Chantelle is worried when Gray disappears for the night but the two make amends when he returns the next day saying he stayed at work. But we soon learn he's lying when Jack and a colleague pay him a visit, to ask him about a fight he was involved with at a night club the night before.


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