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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Callum fights to keep Ben, Bex attempts to take her own life + more

The following storylines will air 30th September - 4th October on BBC One

Callum fights to keep Ben


As both Jay and Ian comment on his history with men, Ben wonders whether agreeing to go on a date with Callum was a good idea. But even after Stuart pleads with him to not hurt Callum, Ben meets him for their date but Callum is gutted when Jay and Lola also arrive. And with Ben making no effort at all, Callum plans to leave.

After discovering that Stuart meddled with his date, Callum tries to explain what happened to Ben, but doesn’t get the response he was after. As Lola offers Callum some advice, he seeks Ben out at The Vic to ask him on another date. However, Callum is surprised by Ben’s response.

Secretly pleased that their date didn't go well, Stuart's mood switches when Jonno pays him a surprise visit. When he spots Callum on the Square, things escalate quickly between father and son.

Later on in the week, Whitney is chuffed to get a text form Leo and things get even better when her and Callum begin to build a friendship. As she meets with Leo, sparks fly - unaware as to who he really is.

Bex attempts to take her own life


Fed up of her mum fussing about University, Bex finds the perfect distraction and arranges a baby shower for Louise. But as the shower gets underway, Bex gets annoyed when Mel takes over. When Ian arrives Bex is surprised to learn that Sonia has asked him for a loan to help with University costs.

After noticing how distant she's being, Lisa tries to get Bex to talk as it becomes clear she's not coping. Quick to deflect, Bex continues to struggle as she reminisces about Shakil and Lisa turns to Louise and Sonia to express her concerns.

On her last day in Walford, Bex reluctantly agrees to attend the surprise party Sonia has organised and as Stuart wishes her good luck, Dot makes a surprise return and she's brought Dotty, her granddaughter with her. Updating everyone that Dotty will be staying in Walford, Tiffany is instantly weary.

As Bex later pretends to enjoy herself at The Vic, it's clear she's not and Lisa urges her to tell her mum how she feels. Brushing Lisa off, Bex makes a speech and sneaks off. At home, all the pressure Bex has felt over the past months proves too much and unable to cope with the thought of leaving Walford, Bex starts to think the unthinkable. With the party in full swing, unbeknownst to everyone, Bex is planning to take her own life.

The next day, Lisa urges Louise to call Bex as a shocked Sonia finds Bex unresponsive in bed. As the paramedics arrive, Bex is taken away and Louise watched Lisa who's clearly wracked with guilt. With everyone distraught, Dotty doesn’t help matters when she mentions the pills found in Bex’s room, leaving Louise shocked.

At the hospital, Sonia, Tiffany and Whitney are relieved when Bex wakes up with Sonia immediately reassuring her. When Stuart finds the note Bex left, Sonia is furious - adamant it was an accident before later admitting she's to blame.



Daniel is touched when Jean supports him at his hospital appointment and attempts to keep his spirits up by suggesting he make a bucket list. After giving in, Jean helps Daniel complete his bucket list but things don't go to plan when he meets an old friend to settle old scores.

Ben’s dodgy dealings catch up with him when Jags and Kheerat arrive in Walford and threaten him, Linda continues to try and impress the school mums and Mel piles the pressure on Sharon after she turns down her offer of a villa in Portugal. In turmoil, Sharon is desperate to meet Mel’s demands to protect her secret, but Mel refuses to back down.

And Jack feels out of his depth at his first day back with the police.


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