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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Chantelle's in danger, Bianca drops a bombshell, Bobby's upset and more

The following storylines will air 9th, 10th, 12th & 13th September on BBC One

Chantelle's assessment day at work arrived and after receiving the support of those around her, she passes with flying colours. But as everyone celebrates at The Vic, Gray makes a surprise return and sabotages the celebrations.

Keen to get her home, Gray covers his anger when Chantelle insists she’s staying. Feeling increasingly left out by the Taylors, Gray takes it out on Chantelle by lashing out at her at home. After standing up to him but, he begs Chantelle for forgiveness.

However, once alone, Chantelle makes a shocking discovery. With her nerves threatening to scupper her chances to win the competition but everyone rallies around to help, with an unexpected model.

Despite her initial doubts, Chantelle makes it to the final two in the competition but forfeits her place when Gray constantly messages her . And when she arrives home late for their romantic meal, Gray is furious and attacks Chantelle.


As Bianca prepares for her weekend away, Sonia expresses her concerns about Bex and is annoyed when Bianca brushes her off. But how will she react when Keegan talks Tiffany our of joining her?

After berating her mum for not being there for her, they have an emotional heart to heart, but Tiffany isn’t prepared for Bianca’s bombshell

Later, Bianca thanks Sonia for everything she’s done for Tiffany. Overhearing, Phil sends them an anonymous gift, dinner and drinks. And Bianca, Sonia and Robbie fondly reminisce about old times as the famous trumpet's back!


Ian confronts Rainie after becoming fed up with her behaviour, but when she mentions their past, Bobby overhears and is left stunned. Later accepting his father's apology, Bobby rushes off after seeing a hallucination of Lucy in search of peace. But it's clear he's not coping.

Back home and after being antagonised by Rainie, memories of Lucy continue to haunt Bobby and as the two continue to trade insults, Rainie reveals the truth about her night with Ian, leaving Bobby distraught.

After speaking to Max and disgusted at his father, Bobby throws a bucket of water over Ian and storms off leaving Max to try and calm Ian down. After telling him Bobby knows the truth, Max suggests he’s upfront with his son.

Later, Ian catches Bobby preparing to leave and as he pleads with him to stay, Bobby agrees. However, things prove too much for Bobby who takes drastic action to confront his past.

Not knowing how to help his son, Ian is offered some advice from Max but shoots him down. But things get worse for Ian when Max tells him he’s agreed to let Bobby stay with him.


In order to stop everyone fussing over her, Jean lies about her operation being postponed, but seeing through her lies, Daniel offers his support.

But his efforts to distract Jean ahead of her operation fall flat. Sensing he's not his usual self, Jean questions Daniel but as he deflects her answer and leaves, Jean's suspicions are roused. Waiting nervously, Jean is relieved when Kat arrives and realising how scared she is, Kat promises Jean she’s not alone.

Jean couldn’t be happier after her operation and when Kat gets Stacey on the phone, Kat is quick to take the phone when Daniel arrives and shares some devastating news with Jean, his cancer has spread.


Elsewhere, Tina is sorely tempted when Shirley tells her about a job she’s doing for Phil abroad, and asks her to come along.


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