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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Hayley dumps her baby

But who's the right person to take care of it?

When Hayley arrives back on the Square with no money, Carmel steps in to pay her cab fare and not knowing what to do she collects baby items from the house and dumps the baby on the Ahmed’s doorstep with a note asking them to look after her.

The Slaters continue their search for Hayley and the baby and Bev covers for her daughter, telling Kat that she hasn’t seen her. Struggling to come to terms with what she has done, Hayley thanks her mum for helping her who tells her that she made the right decision.

As Mariam and Arshad care for the baby, Mariam is forced to admit that the baby belongs to Hayley after Arshad realises that she lied about calling social services. Wanting to help her, Mariam convinces Masood and Arshad to give Hayley a day to come round.

Feeling guilty, Hayley returns to the Square and contemplates going to the Ahmed’s but before she can, Kat finds her and questions where the baby is. But when Hayley refuses to tell her, they get into a huge row and Hayley storms off back to her mum.

Despite the chaos, the Slaters celebrate Stacey’s birthday but their focus soon turns back to Hayley and Stacey scolds Kat for not supporting her enough.

Meanwhile, the Ahmeds are forced to call Hayley as they notice something worrying about the baby and insists that she meet them at the hospital. Hayley arrives just in time to hear that the baby is fine.

Back in the Square, Kat spots Masood and clocks on to where the baby is and rushes to the hospital. When the social worker arrives at the hospital to discuss what’s happened, Mariam and Kat fight Hayley’s corner and as Hayley bonds with the baby, she pleads the baby stays with her.

Despite the breakthrough, Kat is frustrated when Bev returns and takes the baby home with her. Hayley returns with her mum but as her doubts about looking after the baby grow, Bev tries to show her the ropes. Doing her best to play the caring mother, she suggests to Hayley that her new baby is a chance to fix the past.

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm) and Fridays (8pm) on BBC One


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