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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Hayley loses consciousness as she gives birth

But will everything be OK with her and the baby?

Worried about people finding out the the truth about Alfie being the baby's father, Hayley makes plans to leave Walford and calls a mother and baby hostel.

But when she learns that she needs to have had the baby before she can go, she enlists Mariam’s help but to no avail.

When her waters break, Hayley gets a shock rushes into the cab to drive to the hospital but is annoyed at Ian who jumps in, oblivious to her situation. Desperate to get to the hospital she drops him off at the tube station and orders him out.

As her contractions intensify, Hayley struggles to drive and things grow worse when the cab breaks down. Panicking, Hayley calls Keanu for help, who misses her call after being distracted by Karen.

Elsewhere, Kat and Jean arrive home and discover that Hayley has gone into labour.

Realising her birth is imminent, Hayley takes refuge and gives birth alone leaving her in a worrying situation. Calling out for help, her baby starts to cry and Hayley begins to lose consciousness.

With Kat convinced that Hayley doesn't want to be found, Keanu turns up with a voicemail from Hayley which makes Kat, Jean and Mo realise that she's in trouble.

As they frantically search for Hayley, Keanu and Kat spot the cab abandoned and hear a baby crying. When they discover Hayley unconscious, they call an ambulance and Jean rushes to the hospital to be by her side.

But as Kat, Jean and Mo anxiously wait for an update, will Hayley and the baby be alright?

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm), Fridays (8pm) on BBC One


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