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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Hayley's determined to fix Charlie's cab

When a cryptic envelope gets delivered to Stacey’s containing a key for Charlie's cab, old memories surface and Hayley is determined to get it running again thinking it could be a money-spinner.

When Keanu tells her it could be worth around 10k, Hayley hatches a plan.

Determined to prove to the Slater clan that she can fix the cab, Hayley goes to The Arches to see if they have the tools she needs, but has to distract Keanu in the process to get them. But Phil humiliates Hayley when he comes in to break up their flirty exchange. Hayley angrily steals the tools when no one is looking.

When Keanu later visits her to apologise for not defending her against Phil, Hayley quickly shows him the door, but feels guilty for stealing the tools and ruining a potential friendship.

Apart from Jean, the Slaters have no faith that Hayley can fix Charlie’s cab, but she proves them wrong. But the Slaters are shocked when they see Hayley’s online advert selling the cab for £10,000! Hayley plans to sell the cab so Jean will get her money back and she can pocket the rest.

However, Jean finds a picture of when the Slaters first arrived on The Square in Charlie’s cab and gets nostalgic. Sensing that Jean isn’t ready to part with the memories they all agree not to sell it just yet.

These scenes will air Monday 19th at 9:25pm (hour-long) and Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd at 9:10pm on BBC One


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