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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Hayley threatens to reveal Kat's secret

But will Kat manage to keep her quiet about what really happened in Spain?

After finding an old photograph of Kat, Alfie and the kids, Jean comes up with a plan to to get her cheap tickets to visit them in Spain despite Mo and Stacey telling her not to get involved.

Eventually they give in and hand Jean a box of dodgy shampoo to flog in order to raise some money. When Jean tells Kat the news, she does her best to cover her worries and agrees to go.

However Hayley, aware of what happened in Spain, is left wondering if Kat is lying and has other plans and takes the opportunity to blackmail her. She either tells her family the tuth, or pay her to keep quiet.

As Kat prepares to leave for Spain, Hayley tells her she’s not going anywhere without paying her first and threatens to reveal her secret. But will she?

These scenes will air Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June on BBC One


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