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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Kat struggles to keep it together

But will she be able to pull herself together when Alfie unexpectedly rings the doorbell?

Looking for inspiration to help her learn the Knowledge, Kat visits Charlie’s old cabbie tea hut where she meets Tony, an ex-cabbie.

After getting off on the wrong foot, Tony soon realises that Kat is Charlie's daughter and the pair reminisce before heading to one of Charlie’s old haunts.

After bumping into one of Charlie's old friends, Maurice, Kat is instantly suspicious by his attitude and once Tony leaves, she decides to confront Maurice who drops a shocking bombshell.

Distraught, Kat makes a sharp exit but as she drives onto The Square, she hits an elderly man and falls off her moped, leaving her unconscious. Once she regains consciousness she realises that she has hit someone, panics and drives off.

When quizzed by Hayley about what happened, Kat brushes it off as a scrape and storms off which only leaves Hayley feeling more concerned.

After finding Kat drinking at the E20, Stacey and Hayley try to convincer her to come home, but knowing that she won't listen Stacey decides to give her a reality check and leaves. However, Stacey’s words strike a chord with Kat and once home, she breaks down.

But her family are left even more concerned when a drunken Kat stumbles into The Vic struggling to cope with earlier events and causing a scene.

When Hayley's birthday arrives, Jean is determined to make it special for her despite the tensions in the house. But when she presents her with a card, she's left disappointed by Hayley's reaction.

This gives Jean an idea to throw her a surprise party. Putting her plan into place, she manages to rally a despondent Kat and sweet talk Ian into making a cake.

However when Hayley arrives at her surprise party she's horrified and leaves almost immediately, with Kat hot on her heels.

After speaking to Kat, Jean realises just how much she’s hurting and missing her boys, but as Kat paints on a smile the doorbell rings... it’s Alfie!

EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One

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