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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Kathy and Masood kiss on the Walford East opens

But how will Ian react when he finds out? And will the launch run smoothly?

Having invited the Walford Gazette along, Ian recognises the journalist from a previous disagreement. As Ian runs around trying to please everyone, he’s immediately stopped in his tracks when he enters the kitchen and catches Kathy and Masood kissing.

Feeling betrayed, Ian is furious and resorts to drastic measures to get back at Masood. And after accepting a delivery for Kathy and reading the note, Ian comes to the wrong conclusion and packs her bags. He wants her gone.

When Ian meddles in the café and refuses to talk to Kathy, she decides to play him at his own game to get him to talk. They finally have a heart-to-heart and Ian makes Kathy realise just how hurt he is.

These scenes will air Monday 20th (8pm), Tuesday 21st (7:30pm), Thursday 23rd (7:30pm) and Friday 24th August (8pm) on BBC One


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