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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Keegan and Shakil are stabbed leaving one of them dead

In amongst all the Royal Wedding celebrations, Keegan's actions lead to a double stabbing in Albert Square and there's a fatality.

In a rush to get home, Keegan steals an unattended bike and rides it home. Showing off his new bike to Shakil, he tells him that the gang he stole from have put a picture of him taking it on social media.

With Keegan refusing to return the bike, Shakil takes the keys for the padlock with the intention of returning it himself.

But when the gang arrive at The Vic looking for Keegan, he is forced to hide in the toilets and after Mick gets rid of the gang Keegan realises what Shakil has done. Rushing outside he sees that the bike has gone.

Worried for Shakil, Keegan spots one of the gang members in The Vic alley but before he has a chance to confront him, he is stabbed. As he collapses, he sees Shakil has also been stabbed.

In Tuesday's episode, Shakil enters The Vic trying to get help but is caught up in amongst the drunken party revellers and Mick assumes he's drunk and chucks him out. As his condition deteriorates, he collapses out of site.

With everyone finally gone, Mick gets into bed and Linda makes him check downstairs. As he does, he is horrified to discover Keegan and immediately calls an ambulance. Mick struggles to understand Keegan who attempts to tell Mick about Shakil. When Keegan takes a turn for the worse, Mick insists on driving Keegan himself and tells the ambulance to look out for him en-route.

On Thursday, as the events of last night reach the Square, everyone is left shaken but with Shakil missing, the residents gather to help the police find him.

But on Friday the doctor breaks the devastating news to the Kazemis that Shakil’s injuries were too severe and he didn’t make it.

These scenes will air Monday 21st - Friday 25th May on BBC One


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