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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Lisa spills secrets on the day of Mel's funeral, Louise goes into labour + more

The following storylines will air 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th December on BBC One

Lisa spills secrets on the day of Mel's funeral


The day of Mel's funeral arrives and after saying goodbye to her friend, Lisa's mood darkens at the wake when Phil and Sharon arrive. With everyone praising Sharon, Lisa reaches boiling point, however her attempts to confront her are stopped by Louise.

Instead Lisa makes a speech calling Sharon a murderer and drops the bombshell that Phil’s not the father of her baby. Having spotted Sharon comforting Jack, Phil gets thinking.

Keanu tries to convince Phil that Lisa is unwell, however determined to get answers, Phil pays Lisa a visit and despite his suspicions realises Lisa has been taking her medication.

Unaware that Phil is inside, Louise arrives at Lisa's, struggles to get in and resorts to desperate lengths.

Louise goes into labour


Keanu receives a text from Louise which stops him in his tracks. When he arrives to Louise he's stunned to discover that her waters have broken.

As Keanu and Louise wait for the ambulance, across the Square, Phil confronts Sharon about Lisa’s accusations, who rubbishes the claims and leaves Phil feeling guilty. When Phil arrives at the hospital, Louise is adamant that Sharon should be there, but Phil struggles to get hold of her.

Worried that Phil knows his business is in trouble, Ben reassures him and after a surprise heart to heart, Ben is wracked with guilt about his dad’s reputation and hatches a plan. After arranging to meet Shirley at The Arches, Tubbs arrives and Ben puts his plan into action.

Linda's drinking worries Mick as they receive some surprising news about Ollie


In order to curb Linda's drinking, Mick thinks of a new approach, a Christmas detox. Despite agreeing to it, Linda hates the idea. Still worried about Ollie settling into school, Mick realises Mitch could be the answer to his problems.

As the 'Ball and Change' quiz at The Queen Vic begins, Mick quickly realises he shouldn’t have trusted Shirley with the questions and salvages the night as the wife swap couples throw themselves into the competition.

With Mitch’s help, Mick puts his plan into action to land Ollie ‘Learner of the Week’ at school, despite doubts from Shirley and Whitney. However, things quickly go downhill when it’s clear Ollie’s teacher wants to be anywhere but The Vic.

When Miss Gardner overhears his plan, Mick tries to defend his action, however she surprises him and Linda with some news which leaves them elated. However Mick's happiness is short lived when he realises that Linda has been drinking.

Quick to reassure him, Mick relents and pours Linda a drink to toast to Ollie.

Honey's suspicions are confirmed as she turns to Billy for support


After backing out of plans with Honey and lying to Iqra to cover his tracks, Adam realises that his lies are starting to catch up on him. Knowing what Adam is up to, Honey distracts herself by helping Mick at The Vic but when he sees her out of sorts, Mick offers her some advice.

Honey's suspicions are confirmed when Iqra asks about Adam’s secretary ‘Sally’ who doesn't exist. When Honey later questions Adam, he realises she's on to him and quickly deflects. Later, Adam's flirting at the bar forces Honey to take matters into her own hands.

Worrying about her future without Adam, Honey catches Billy off-guard at home and he suggests she move back in. Only she's left speechless when she realises that Billy's not alone.



During their therapy session, Chantelle is left speechless and stunned as Gray admits the truth to the therapist and opens up about his past.

Jean's emotions get the better of her as she continues her volunteering at the hospital and talks about Daniel. When Kat notices that Jean is out of sorts, Jean is forced to pretend she's OK.

After learning there might be rats in the salon, Denise orders Sheree to sort it only to later go head to head with her after discovering how much Sheree has spent on the pest removal.

And after speaking to Callum about Leo, Jack seeks out Whitney to warn her off, but just as he tries to mention Leo’s outburst in court, it's tool late as Leo got to Whitney first and explained everything.

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