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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Masood tries to impress a local businessman

After learning that successful businessman Habib Hussein is holding an event, Masood tells Ian that they should go, but instead Ian decides to go alone.

To get revenge, Masood calls environmental health, telling them the chippy has rats but his victory is short-lived when Ian turns up at the event and sends him packing.

As Arshad and Masood hatch a plan to get close to Habib, they discover that he has a daughter, and contact her through a dating website to arrange a meeting.

Keen to impress, Masood goes to meet Amal, but later realises that Amal isn’t Habib’s daughter after all and is surprised when Amal turns up at the chippy saying they should go on a date.

These scenes will air Monday 11th - Friday 15th June on BBC One


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