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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Mel prepares to leave Walford

But will Jack finally get to the bottom of who stole the money and convince her to stay?

Hunter finally admits all his lies to Mel but still denies taking the money. But he's left feeling angry when Mel doubts him and seeks out Louise for blabbing to his Mum.

Phil decides to take the money Mel owes from her wages for two years after she threatens to tell Sharon about their kiss.

However, after speaking to Louise, Sharon tells Phil it was Hunter that stole the money and she’s dealing with it.

When Mel decides to leave Walford, Jack tries to find out who stole the money from the club in a bid to make her stay. Certain that Mo is hiding something, he spots her picking up a bag out of the bins and demands she hands it over or he will go to the police.

However, when they open the bag it’s full of tissues and hardly any cash leading to a confession from Mo about who stole the money.

These scenes will air Monday 11th - Friday 15th June on BBC One


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